Beeftacular Review | Power Up Gaming
Beeftacular comes from Publisher / Developer Retrific. Beeftacular is similar in many ways to their previous game, Just Get Through, which features time-trial stages, mirroring what you will face here. The goal is simply to destroy the rotten chunks of beef in each level in mere seconds. Players will take on the role of a fresher chunk of beef, and can accomplish the destruction of the older chunks via projectiles, weapons and the level itself. Beeftacular has been stated to be inspired by 10 Seconds Ninja, though it also appears to be inspired by Super Meat Boy as well. Only a billion more to go... The game is welcoming to all range of players, though the difficulty can increase notably as the game progresses. The initial levels are fairly simple and allow you to get a handle on the controls: moving left and right, jumping, and attacking. This can be done via the keyboard, however Beeftacular also comes with full controller support. The controls themselves are quite fluid and