Mighty No. 9 Review – They Don’t Make ‘em Like They Used To | Power Up Gaming
Well over a year on from Comcept’s original launch promise, Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 has finally ascended the throws of development hell for public consumption. These are words that some ardent Kickstarter backers have been waiting to hear for years. With so much patience and many more promises riding on its back, it goes without saying that Mighty No. 9 has always had a lot to live up to. Though certainly lacking in the overall quality which defined those early Mega Man games, Inafune’s latest project succeeds in providing 8-bit nostalgists a hearty excuse to throttle their worn controllers in a fittingly mighty rage. In spite of some shockingly rough edges, Mighty No. 9 is the niche product that gaming masochists have been clamouring for since mid-2013. Whether said product appeals to many people outside of that niche is an entirely different story. Mighty No. 9 sees players don the not-so-blue boots of its eponymous robotic protagonist, Beck. In a set up that longtime Inafune