SteamWorld Heist Review – Successful Genre Switch for “Dig” Developers | Power Up Gaming
In 2013, developers Image & Form released the action adventure platformer, SteamWorld Dig. It's a game filled with colorful characters, hand-drawn visuals and satisfying power-ups. Long story short: it was a successful, fun, and a great candidate to receive a sequel. Image & Form saw this as an opportunity to brew up SteamWorld Heist, a game set in space hundreds of years after the original title. Not only is the setting different, but the game's genre changes as well. Where SteamWorld dig was a "metroidvania" title with real-time combat and tricky platforming, Heist is a side-scrolling, turn-based strategy game with a small bit of worms-like shooting. Heist also focuses on a crew of "cowbots" (robot Cowboys for you unimaginative bunch) where Dig told its story about the life of a robot miner. And that's where the differences end - which is great because Image & Form was able to capture the addictive gameplay and indie charm they created with Dig all over again. Heist has