The Tomorrow Children Beta Preview – Digging The Hole Deeper | Power Up Gaming
Since it was first announced at Gamescom 2014, I’ve been very interested to see more of The Tomorrow Children. The brutally beautiful art style appeared fantastical yet dystopian in equal measure, but I found it difficult to imagine what the actual gameplay would entail. After spending some time with the game during the recent public beta, although a lot of details have become clearer, just as many questions have arisen as a result. The Tomorrow Children takes place in what is known as The Void. The Void is a blanket term for the mysteriously barren landscape that surrounds you. If you venture too far into The Void, your character will be swallowed up by the ground, preventing you from travelling too far and exploring the featureless wastes around you. Within The Void are Islands, which are effectively large areas through which you can tunnel for resources. These resources can then be transported to Towns, where, if you earn enough Toil points through resource collection and general