Doom Review – Been Through Hell and Back Again | Power Up Gaming
A while back, I wrote about Gears of War 4 and how it’s resisting the temptation to appeal to a wider audience. Gnashers and map control have been an integral part of the series since the original, and will remain so in 2016. But it’s only been shy of 10 years since Epic introduced Gears of War on the Xbox 360, hardly two generations in our industry, which allows the Coalition to stay faithful to the franchise. Doom, which first debuted in 1993, is a much older shooter, a much more difficult shooter to modernise, one that could have easily surrendered to the trends of regenerative health, scripted design, and two-weapon balancing. In fact, that game almost became a reality before id course-corrected and scrapped an earlier, flavourless version of what was rumoured to be “Doom 4” at the time. 2016's Doom is an angrier, more aggressive interpretation of the classic FPS than the survival horror-esque Doom 3. Claustrophobic and poorly lit environments, along with narrow enemy encounters