What We’re Playing – 27th May 2016 | Power Up Gaming
Being passionate sorts, we at Power Up Gaming like to pontificate about video games. We tend to discuss their forms, themes and technicalities, whiling away the wee hours as we contemplate the structure of a particularly pleasing Carmack creation. We like to think of ourselves as video game philosophers, agonising over games in mind-expanding ways. Given that, it seems apt to quote Socrates and his famous phrase, "let's play some video games, y'all!" Hayden Waugh This week I have been continuing my quest to 'Catch 'em All' in Pokemon Soul Silver. After pouring some more hours into it I'm almost ready to challenge Jasmine, the sixth Gym Leader, from Olivine City. She is apparently quite proficient in Steel-type Pokemon, and my slightly adjusted top six will hopefully help me out both in the upcoming battle and ones in the future. Prior to acquiring my fifth gym badge, I was in desperate need of a solid Water-type Pokemon in order to cross the seas to Cianwood City. While