What We’re Playing – 13th May 2016 | Power Up Gaming
If there's one thing we know about here at Power Up Gaming, it's the optimum temperature for storing salad cream in the fridge. If there are two things that we know about, the second thing would definitely be video games. Using this expert knowledge, our writers have curated their thoughts and opinions on the games they've been jabbing at this week. Enjoy! Adam Lloyd This week I've been on a Star Wars kick. Thanks to the recent discount on the Star Wars Mega Bundle, I'm now the owner of Super Star Wars, Racer: Revenge, Jedi Starfighter and Bounty Hunter, all of which I have been working my way through. Here's a short summary of each: Super Star Wars - Tougher than a sundried Mickey Rourke steak. It's not actually a great game, despite what my memory informed me. This means that my memory cannot be trusted, causing me to rethink my stances on Pogs and Kriss Kross. Star Wars Racer: Revenge - A surprisingly good racer, in spite of being the illegitimate child of Star Wars Episode 1: