Grand Kingdom Beta Preview – Wait Your Turn | Power Up Gaming
Turn-based role-playing games are a divisive subject. Some people enjoy the tactical aspect, which allows them to plan their attack strategy in advance. Others would rather get stuck into the action and have a more visceral fight. If you’re from the former camp and you are positively excited by the prospect of some hot turn-based action, Grand Kingdom will be like a lifetime subscription to Playboy for you. With the recent Beta, we were able to play a small sample as to what the full release has in store. Grand Kingdom is a JRPG in a very traditional sense, featuring hit points, action points, and many of the elements we have come to expect from the genre. However, there are a number of twists on the formula that make the game stand out. As mentioned, battles are turn-based, but so is movement on the overall map. Essentially, you move a square, then all the enemies on the map move a square too. Battles are only triggered if you land on an enemy’s square, or if they land on yours,