Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta Impressions – Hardcore Parkour! | Power Up Gaming
When the original Mirror’s Edge was released, its promise seemed to surpass its execution leading to good but disappointing critical reception. Despite this, and despite poor sales, the game has built a cult following of sorts that led to a vocal minority pushing for a sequel. This minority then seemed to grow as people continued to return to the game years after release. As a result, the cries for a sequel appeared to escalate to a point in which EA could no longer ignore. Thus, we arrive at Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. A game that is releasing more than seven years after the original with DICE once again at the helm. With this sequel, it seems as though EA and DICE may have listened to fans when making developmental decision. The game has several implementations that fans of the original will enjoy yet also features a few drawbacks. The first Mirror’s Edge was no slouch when it came to presentation and Catalyst picks up right where things left off along with notable improvements. Every