The Star Wars Experience – PUG’s Star Wars Video Game Moments | Power Up Gaming
Greetings Padawans and denizens of the galaxy! Today at Power up Gaming we are celebrating Star Wars Day the best way we know how - by talking about our experiences with video games, and today's theme is quite rightly, Star Wars. If long-running space operas aren't your thing, perhaps this is not the article you are looking for... Tara Jayne My experience with Star Wars video games is actually quite limited, but one experience that sticks out and remains nightmare fuel to this day is The Phantom Menace game. I originally played this on the PlayStation 1 around the time of release in April 30th 1999. Obviously, this game tied into the movie, which is of course everyone's favourite Star Wars movie, so how could the game possibly be bad? Never mind that; just tell me where Jar Jar is and how I can kill him! How about we talk about the second level of the game - The Swamps of Naboo (you already know where this is going). Here, you have to follow Jar Jar Binks around a maze-like setting