What We’re Playing – 29th April 2016 | Power Up Gaming
It's the weekend! Time to ditch work, abandon all chores, ignore your social obligations, and settle down with some video games. If you're looking for some ideas for what to play while you neglect your family, we've got you covered. Here's what has tickled us pink this week: Adam Lloyd It's done! Dark Souls III has finally been conquered, so you don't have to read about it here anymore. If, however, you would like to read more about Dark Souls III, here's a review in which I heap praise on it. In between bouts of frustration, I have found myself looking for a palette cleanser from the dank decay of Dark Souls. Last week I got back into Football Manager; this week I got back into Star Wars: Battlefront. The new Outer Rim DLC has just been released, so me and my girlfriend have got back into the Survival mode for some couch co-op. The release of this DLC means that you get a couple of free maps for Survival, but this consists of multiplayer maps from other gameplay modes that have just