Severed Review – Giblet Ninja | Power Up Gaming
Very little shines throughout the tepid touchscreen landscape of Farmhand 4 and Alphabet Giraffe. But, lo and behold, Drinbox Studios, saviours of the struggling PlayStation Vita, have managed to craft a haunting, finger-swiping experience that adds substance and skill to an overtly trash-filled genre. Exploration is rewarded through health and magic upgrades; a sparse narrative brilliantly coalesces with a world of disorder and death; combat never feels frivolous, and is surprisingly deep considering the method of input; and not since Tearaway have the Vita's touchy-feely features been put to such deft use. Severed's titular severing is done by Sasha, a one-armed, sword-wielding warrior out to find her family. Travelling around its dungeons in first person leads to a plethora of encounters with unsettling monsters that must be decapitated in order to progress. After initiating combat, a circular arena is established in which you can rotate to face a beast of your choosing in real-time