Dark Souls III Review – Remixed With Care | Power Up Gaming
Difficulty is often the primary concern when discussing a Dark Souls game, so whenever Dark Souls III is brought up in conversation, the first question is inevitably “Is it hard?” While that is a question I regularly have to field in my personal life, I can safely say that Dark Souls III is as difficult as you would expect. For better or worse, you’ll no doubt already know if that prospect appeals to you. However, one aspect of the difficulty has certainly been toned down in this iteration. The opaqueness of the game’s mechanics has been addressed, making it slightly more accessible. For starters, Dark Souls III has a much more intuitive tutorial area. The first few moments guide the player through the basics, with messages telegraphing how to tackle different types of enemies. It isn’t long before you arrive at the first boss, who, unlike the Asylum Demon from the original Dark Souls, must be defeated before you can progress. In this regard, Dark Souls III forces players to engage