Beyond Dimensions Review – Sling Spells for Fun and Profit! | Power Up Gaming
Anyone who's ever tried to write a short story knows how hard it can be to conjure up an original plot. Rather than modify a classic trope or reinvent the wheel, Beyond Dimensions gives you dozens of different (and incompatible) narrative premises, ranging from ridiculous to creepy. These cheeky (and skippable, if you prefer) introductions perfectly set the mood for the rampant magical cacophony that you are about to enter. Whatever the premise, you play as a fledgling wizard travelling between several hostile dimensions to harness magical energy and bring it back to your own world. Being a twin-stick shooter, this roughly translates as "destroy everything, and loot what remains". While the action can get frantic very quickly, there's enough breathing room between enemy clusters to allow you to prepare and position yourself for best effect. Traps are handy in the early game, taking some enemies out in one hit. Just make sure you watch your step! For each run you are given three