What We’re Playing – 8th April 2016 | Power Up Gaming
Whether you're after some recommendations for the weekend, or you just really want to know what makes our staff tick, here's what we've been playing this week at Power Up Gaming. Owen Atkinson After my tribe of Germanic barbarians got absolutely slaughtered by everyone BUT Rome in Total War: Rome II, I decided to give Dragon Age: Inquisition another go. But this time's a blitz play; no fannying about with fetch quests and collectibles, which should save me about 70 hours if my previous run is any indication. Also, I found myself in 1st class on the nostalgia train as I discovered my Xbox 360 still has enough life left for one more run of Red Dead Redemption. Like Skyrim, this is a game that I play more to feel like I'm in the world than to actually complete missions. And when I am doing the missions, I always have to be wearing the outfit and carrying the guns that I feel fit best with whoever I'm working for. It's cinematic! Adam Lloyd This week I have been mostly assuming the role a