The Division vs Destiny: Who Had the Better Launch (Part 2) | Power Up Gaming
Welcome back to Part 2 of The Division or Destiny. Yesterday we discussed how The Division's story, combat, and multiplayer stood up against Destiny's. While The Division's setting in Midtown Manhattan sparked more intrigue and delivered a clearer narrative than Destiny's pegboard plot, Bungie's combat and multiplayer edged out what The Division had to offer. For more details on our comparison, check out Part 1. Today, we're gonna reach our final verdict and determine who's launch was more successful between The Division and Destiny in Part 2 of our feature. Loot The Division’s loot facilitates a respectable numbers game, giving you that fix you know all too well from games like Diablo and Borderlands. DPS, Rounds per Minute, and Damage Per Second are just a few of the statistics players will track in their weapons alone. There’s a lot to decipher here: does the higher DPS on one gun outweigh the RPM on the other? I myself have stuck with a marksman rifle that’s notably weaker than