Spellbind Review – Become a Sneaky Mage-Thief | Power Up Gaming
In today's world of 200-hour games with eighteen kinds of side-missions and collectibles to keep you busy, sometimes you just want a quick, simple game that just does one thing well. Point-and-click puzzler Spellbind certainly fits the first two criteria, being only a few hours long with a bare-bones interface. Unfortunately, the one thing it does could be quite a bit better. The puzzles have good variety, but can be hit and miss. A puzzle solution should be like a plot twist, hard to see coming but obvious after the fact. Unfortunately in Spellbind, the right answer isn't always clear why it's correct. One of the first puzzles involves arranging bottles of wine in order of age, which you determine by deciphering the symbols on the labels. Having put them into what I believed to be the correct order and not getting a result, I had to resort to random shuffling until the game told me I was right. On every shelf, another secret to be discovered. Well, not EVERY shelf. The mechanics can