Who were Lionhead Studios? | Power Up Gaming
The recently announced closure of innovative developer Lionhead Studios was sad - if not entirely surprising - news for many of us here are Power Up Gaming. Lionhead brought us some of the most interesting, unique and characterful games of the early 2000s. Though the studio has been in decline in recent years, our fond memories of Lionhead's earlier genius still had some of us hoping that the studio was only one great idea away from bouncing back. Though Lionhead may soon be no more, their library of great games will live on. Lionhead Studios leaves behind a worthy legacy and will be remembered by many as a company rich in personality and creative ideas. Lionhead: A Brief History The founding of Lionhead Studios can be traced back to the developers Bullfrog, who created many classic simulation and strategy games such as Theme Hospital, Theme Park, and Dungeon Keeper. However, it is Populous, the very first God game, released on the Amiga in 1989, that has the most obvious connection to