Herolike: Early Access Preview | Power Up Gaming
Multiple paths, two default heroes and all the tastiness of ARPG hack n' slash action -- default heroism! Herolike is reminiscent of a game like Path of Exile, in certain aspects. A dark lord is attempting to take over the world via the Earth Stone that holds it all together, so the player must pick between a stout guardian or a sexy shaman and set out to save the land! Seems generic enough. For the horde? Herolike plays like a typical roguelike ARPG. Death is permanent, for example, and players can expect to be presented with a randomised world map with varying paths. The four kinds of random encounters one can expect are: fighting via carving your way through an array of enemies, engaging in boss fights, RPG choice-based missions and defending artifacts. In that sense, variety is being touted as important. The random generation unfortunately didn't seem all that random upon initial inspection as many of the same enemies or scenarios presented themselves more than once. However, the