Uncharted 4 Beta Impressions – Unbetaed | Power Up Gaming
This past weekend (04/03 – 06/03), Naughty Dog offered eager fans a chance to sample the multiplayer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. This arrived in the form of a public Beta, giving players access to the Team Deathmatch mode on a small sample of maps. While Naughty Dog has estimated that the Beta only offers around 20% of the multiplayer content that the full game will contain, it was enough to give us a peek at what to expect. Hats. Expect lots and lots of hats. Given that this was a stress test, the matchmaking components of the game generally performed very well, if a little slow at times. There were instances on Friday night (GMT) where the matchmaking would hang before the map loaded, but this issue seemed to smooth out over the course of the weekend, meaning that there were plenty of games to be played. Performance in-game was noticeably smooth with no discernible lag or connection issues. It’s clear from the Beta that there will be a large amount of unlockable content in the