Narratives In Fighting Games – Is There A Point? | Power Up Gaming
How old is Heihachi Mishima? By all accounts, Heihachi is 75 in Tekken 6, but it feels like he has been in his twilight years since the franchise began. 21 real years and 23 in-game years since his first appearance, he’s still as much of a nappy-clad badass as he’s always been. He hosts a martial arts tournament every few years where his extended family are cordially invited to try and assassinate him. He’s thrown his son off of a cliff and then into a volcano, gone toe-to-toe with supernatural beings, been blown up by a room full of robots (and lived), and beaten up his reanimated dead dad. As the series goes on and the stakes get higher, his exploits only get sillier as his age advances, and yet, Heihachi will continue to live as long as Tekken games are still being made. Tekken is just one example of a game where the story becomes cornier as the series goes on. Other fighting games often fall into similar traps. As sequels are created, rivalries are continued and time advances.