Darkest Dungeon Review – Facing the Carnage That Lives Within | Power Up Gaming
I’m in the middle of fighting an early level boss with two characters left in my party, both severely wounded and psychologically distraught after watching two comrades perish. They’re staring at a grotesque monster with half of his life remaining. I attack only to completely miss. At this point, I know what’s coming and quickly think about abandoning the fight to save the two remaining heroes. All hope is lost and I need to rethink my strategy before returning. My mind is already back at the hub world thinking about what I can adjust for my next attempt. But then the boss attacks and my characters dodge. Fortune is on my side and I can’t retreat now! I press on and eventually defeat the boss with both characters still hanging on for dear life. They are bleeding, mentally worn, and one is saying things that make no sense due to his Irrational Affliction. Throughout that battle I contemplated retreat over half a dozen times. This is Darkest Dungeon. The game opens with an ancestor