Super Intergalactic Gang Review – So-so Space Shooter | Power Up Gaming
Sometimes when I pick up and play a game for the first time, I can't help but feel a strange connection through familiar gameplay traits and aesthetics. The way a title controls, its witty dialogue, subtle storyline or lively soundtrack can all bring forth endearing memories of video games past - often a pleasant experience. But sometimes, on much more seldom occasions, those shared qualities bring about a far different feeling. In the most "been there, done that" fashion, titles with similar traits can make me feel a sense of apathy toward what I'm playing, and, unfortunately, Super Intergalactic Gang falls victim to this phenomenon. Super Intergalactic Gang or SIG, while I would never call it a "bad" game, is one so typical to its genre that it has nothing new to offer besides a "time distort" feature that slows down the action for a brief stint. Apart from that, it's an average side-scrolling shooter that pits one or two players against a barrage of flying enemies such as laser