Fantasy LCS – Love/Hate for Week 3 | Power Up Gaming
Sometimes you get it right, other times you get it wrong, and for the most part last week I got it wrong. I advocated starting Piglet - I started him in all my leagues - to watch in horror as he put up less than 10 points in his 1st game, I thought Pobelter would have a mediocre week only to watch him top fantasy scoring for all mid-laners. There were numerous last minute substitutions and roster changes, as well as one game cancelled entirely this week, so congratulations if you overcame all of the above to win your matchup. If you're not sitting pretty at 2-0, it's time to put week 2 in the rear view and look ahead to week 3. Players I love in week 3 Adrian – Support – IMT Photo credit: immortals.gg It certainly doesn’t hurt your fantasy value to be on the only unbeaten team, nor does it hurt to be matched up against two struggling teams, and it certainly doesn’t hurt your position stock to be laning with Wildturtle, who seems to have rediscovered his magic after leaving TSM. This