Catch Up Corner: Yoshi’s Woolly World Review | Power Up Gaming
Released right in the middle of plenty of massive Fall 2015 releases (Metal Gear Solid V, Black Ops III, Fallout 4, and so on), Yoshi's Woolly World has suffered the unfortunate, yet unavoidable, fate of being lost in the crowd. Attentions have shifted to bigger, more complex games, and even with its adorable line of plushy Amiibo figures, Yoshi's latest outing hasn't garnered the attention or praise it deserves. Yoshi's Woolly World is a fluffy, colorful, fantastic game that provides plenty of fun for everyone, and lots of challenges even for experienced gamers. As with most platformers, and especially those created and developed by Nintendo, the story of Woolly World is minimal and of little import. All of the Yarn Yoshis are hanging out on Yoshi island, and then Kamek shows up and turns most of the colorful dinosaurs into spools of yarn. It is then up to the few remaining Yoshis to travel through each level in each world, collect the spools of yarn to knit their friends back