PlayStation Experience 2015 Predictions – Will The Last of Us 2 Be Announced? | Power Up Gaming
Now that the shock and awe over their E3 conference has faded, PlayStation Experience 2015 represents the perfect time for Sony to end 2015 with a triumphant bang, gearing their fans up for a fantastic 2016. But what are those announcements likely to be? Now that the show is only a few hours away, I thought that it would be fun to speculate on what Sony might announce at their now-annual conference. Here are my predictions, so feel free to laugh when none of them come to fruition. PlayStation 2 Emulation Will Be Shown Starting with a safe prediction, Sony has already unofficially announced that they are working on PS2 emulation for the PS4. The PlayStation 4 Star Wars console bundle came with four older Star Wars games, three of which were confirmed to be running using a PS2 emulator. When this was discovered, Sony came clean about the emulator, but remained tight-lipped about their future plans for this. My guess is that Sony wanted to unveil this properly at the PlayStation