Interview: A Q&A With Thief Town Creators Brett Davis and Owen Watson | Power Up Gaming
Every once in a while, you play a game that is so fun and so out there that you just have to know the story behind the making of it. The latest game to give me this sense of curiosity was Glass Knuckle Games' Thief Town. Thief Town is a local multiplayer party game that will have you backstabbing and sabotaging your friends at every turn, and you can read my review for the game right here. I was lucky enough to have a sit down with the Director/Master of Art and Animation for Glass Knuckle Games, Owen Watson, as well as Co-Founder and Developer Brett Davis. I was able to ask my questions about Thief Town, as well as other projects that Glass Knuckle Games has in the works. JD Schmidt: Brett, has Glass Knuckle had any major console releases before Thief Town? Brett Davis: No, this is our first one. JD: How does that feel? BD: It was very exciting. Console makers have recently become a lot easier to make developer accounts with and get dev kits set up and go through the publishing