Is the Stamina System Ruining the WWE Experience? | Power Up Gaming
With the release of WWE 2K16 now several weeks behind us, we've had plenty of time to grapple with the latest professional wrestling simulator title. With last year's release, 2K Games brought back and revamped the stamina system, which has been retained this year. The bottom line of it is this; performing moves, running or diving will deplete your bar, when it's running low you're unable to perform big moves. In theory, this is a great addition to stop players simply hitting running moves over and over, but in reality it does take away from the realism somewhat. The fatigue animations of superstars falling to their knees when they're tired and needing to get their breath back is a welcomed addition. It certainly adds authenicity to those long, difficult matches when you're not still popping up after twenty minutes in true John Cena fashion. You want to feel like this match is taking everything out of you, and the game generally achieves this based on how much stamina you have left.