Developer Interview: Dungeon Crawling With Powerhoof | Power Up Gaming
In the lead-up to this year's PAX Australia, our very own Hayden Waugh had the chance to sit down with programmer Dave Lloyd and games artist Barney Cumming from indie team Powerhoof. They chatted about the continuing success of their first game, Crawl, the changing landscape of the Australian games industry, and the power of local multiplayer. Hayden Waugh: Firstly, thanks for seeing me, guys. Now, how did the idea of Crawl come about? Dave Lloyd: We had a little multiplayer 'game jam' with a group of friends where we’d all make some games, bring them out here, drink some beers and help each other finish them off and just play them heaps. We thought local multiplayer would work really well as something everyone can play together, so the focus of everyone together would be playing the game more so than just making them. Crawl was something that Barney managed to put together in a couple of days beforehand - a very simple version of what it is now. It was a very good first game choice