iam8bit Creates Combined Video Game World Map | Power Up Gaming
Iam8bit, a creative production company founded in 2005, is selling 36 by 24 inch matte posters of a video game world map featuring locations from over 100 different beloved games. The company has crafted "experiences" for a slew of game companies, including events and commercials for Playstation, Activision, Nintendo, and many others. The world map print sells for $25 and sees the King of red Lions smack in the middle, just waiting to explore the numerous continents. Who wouldn't play a game that had all these awesome places to visit? The map is not truly geographically correct, as Kokiri Forest (Ocarina of Time) can be found just outside Manolia Cathedral (Chrono Trigger). But the seemingly random mash-ups thankfully do't detract from the thrill of having all these nostalgic locations gathered together on one planet. For those who are interested, iam8bit is currently developing original IPs for distribution.