Interview: Eyemobi’s Phantasmal Brings the Roguelike to VR | Power Up Gaming
Phantasmal: City of Darkness is a roguelike survival horror game, where players must navigate through a procedurally generated world while evading grotesque critters like their life depends on it. What's more is that it has VR support, and I was able to test it at PAX Aus 2015. Whilst the game's demo, using the Oculus Rift, was the least graphically impressive VR title I experienced at the expo, I could not deny that the development team at Eyemobi have successfully created a heart-pumping and bloody creepy game. I had a quick chat with the team lead, Joe Chang, about the game – moments before I met my doom. Hayden Waugh: Firstly, nice to meet you Joe and thanks for having a chat with me. Give us a bit of backstory to Phantasmal, please. Joe Chang: Phantasmal is a survival horror roguelike, so what that means is that every time you play the game it's completely different. The setting currently is the Kowloon Walled City in the '90s. For those of you who haven't heard of what the