Top 10 Nolan North Characters | Power Up Gaming
To celebrate Nolan North's birthday, we wanted to take a look back at some of the characters that he's lent his voice to. If you haven't heard of Mr North, then first of all shame on you, but secondly you've most likely heard him if not of him. He's voiced so many main protagonists, but also a lot of the little guys. According to his extensive IMDB list these include characters from "Crackhead" to "Fisherman" all the way to "Guard #1" and beyond. The range of Nolan North is incredible. You may be familiar with the likes of Nathan Drake, but the way he changes his voice to characters such as the Penguin or Dr Richtofen, you've most likely heard the man many more times than you think. We very much appreciate what he's done to elevate and bring increased realism to his characters – and thereby to the games themselves – so we wanted to celebrate his achievements to date and hopefully for many years to come. Talking of years to come, he recently announced that he's working on a new 'big,