Elite Dangerous: Horizons Receives One Hour of Planet-Landing Footage | Power Up Gaming
Elite Dangerous will soon be unleashing its most ambitious expansion yet in Horizons. Previously, information had been somewhat scarce, but in a lengthy live stream by the game's creators, Frontier Developments, the update's planetary exploration features have been shown off in all their dune buggy glory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3jlcPe8cII The video details a number of features, mostly how the surface recon vehicles handle in zero-gravity environments and the roles they will fill. The complicated process of crafting the expansion is covered in exhaustive detail and serves to show how significant Horizons will be in tandem with the base game. These features alongside Elite's free-form thrills should lead to a wealth of insanity-fuelled creativity. Horizons will include a variety of activities, predominantly focused on the SRVs, such as scanning planets, defending outposts and infiltrating strongholds. The buggies are equipped with weaponry and can engage in PVP on the planet