Star Wars Battlefront Is A Blast | Power Up Gaming
It's been a week since the Star Wars Battlefront beta ended and it has given gamers a lot to think about. Is DICE's take like the Battlefront games of old? What's it like without a dedicated campaign? Is it another Battlefield in disguise? While there were few surprises, you cannot deny DICE put on a good show – delivering arguably one of the most immersive first-person shooter experiences of the year. It's no secret that Star Wars Battlefront already looks stunning, and the snowy surroundings of Hoth with Imperial Star Destroyers overhead present in the demo were particularly impressive. DICE has taken full advantage of the LucasArts sound archive, using the mechanical thud of an approaching Imperial Walker and the undeniable sound of those Star Wars blasters to great effect. There's a great ambiance before combat and the well-constructed weapon models made this a very visually impressive beta; it's probably the most authentic game I've ever played. The wide variety of useful