Catch up Corner Review: Valiant Hearts: The Great War | Power Up Gaming
The way in which I'd recommend Valiant Hearts violates the kinds of recommendations that I typically acknowledge: "Just stick it out for the first hour; it gets better, I promise." But I'd have to make a special case for Valiant Hearts because it redeems itself in a way that I haven't seen a game pull off in many years. I went from dreading my experience with it to adoring its fulfilled potential by the end of its story. There's a reason why it was part of the conversation as one of the most memorable games of 2014. But I can tell you for damn sure, it wasn't because if its opening chapters. In the beginning, you're left wondering why Valiant Hearts is so revered as another gem coming from Ubisoft’s Ubi Art catalogue, which encompasses the publisher’s smaller budget efforts, such as Rayman Origins and Child of Light. Aesthetically, the Ubi Art engine is put to good use as the art style is undoubtedly striking. An assortment of bleached and vibrant colour schemes that appropriate the