EGX 2015: Previewing Total War: Warhammer with Creative Assembly’s Rich Aldridge | Power Up Gaming
At this past weekend's EGX 2015 in Birmingham, we were treated to the latest playable demo for Creative Assembly's highly anticipated turn-based strategy title, Total War: Warhammer. The upcoming game is quite a departure from the historical scenarios traditionally found in the franchise, in favour of the high fantasy of Warhammer's Old World. The pre-alpha build we spent some time with showcased one the game's new Quest Battles, The Ambush at Thundering Falls, which had the recently revealed Dwarfs going up against a surprise Greenskins attack. By the time the battle was over and we had suffered an agonisingly close defeat, we were left with many questions about the game. While it still fundamentally feels very much like the Total War games you'll be familiar with, a whole lot has changed in the meantime. Luckily, we had Creative Assembly's Rich Aldridge, senior game designer, on hand to answer some our queries. Chris Mawson: How has it been bringing the high fantasy setting