Pig-Gate: Top 10 Gaming Pigs David Cameron Had Better Stay Away From | Power Up Gaming
In a world of stifling economics and threats to national security, a lone figure stands. He walked a road not many had walked and then took up his residence in a big house in London, and the door was black. But before these days, when Michael Jackson was raving the pop charts and Vietnam's dust was only just settling, that man was a fan of pork. It was not just the sweet meat of pigs that got David Cameron's goat up however, but it was in fact the teeth, and the tongue, and the throat. Simple jokes may be made about the Prime Minister's alleged piggy mishap, but those quips of tomfoolery are for the dense, naive and downright dishevelled. The tales and laughs in this article, which brings together the top ten gaming hogs that Mr Cameron would do well to stay away from, are made of a much heartier breed (not of pig). 10. Fat Princess (Fat Princess) While not technically a pig, I can see why Cameron would fail to notice the humanity of an overweight woman. Be sure to enjoy those pink