Opinion: How Big is PS4 Firmware Update 3.0? | Power Up Gaming
Sony always likes to update its platforms to add on things they either promised or said would be coming soon (still no backwards compatibility though). The small updates add little touches, like update 2.73, which just enhanced the console, making it run smoother. Then there are updates like the upcoming 3.0 (which is codenamed Kenshin. Why? No clue), which Sony says will add a lot. But how much exactly? The biggest new addition is that online storage for Playstation Plus users will be increased to 10 GB instead of the paltry 1 GB that the PS4 started with. It will also come with a usage meter and an auto-upload menu has been added to the Application Saved Data Management. Owners will also be able to livestream directly to YouTube, which will be viewable on the YouTube mobile app. A new hub will be created for game events, such as official tournaments and double XP weekends. Players will also be able to create communities with a message board (exciting!) and screenshots, and will have