20 Years of Play: A Brief History of the PS1 | Power Up Gaming
While the staff here at Power Up Gaming are reluctant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation in North America today (since it means facing up to our ages and the inevitable march towards death), it is still an important milestone. Sony's PlayStation was the defining console of a generation, and was largely responsible for pushing video games into the mainstream and driving industry growth on an unprecedented scale. Since that nostalgic fever is still running high, Power Up Gaming would like to present this retrospective on Sony's first foray into games consoles. Development In 1988, the video games marketplace was dominated by Nintendo, a company riding high on the success of their debut home console, the NES. Consumer electronics manufacturer Sony were newcomers to the gaming industry, but extremely eager for a piece of the action. After an unsuccessful foray into computing in the early '80s, its development (along with partner Philips) of an extension to the CD