You Must Build A Boat! Review | Power Up Gaming
Fans of the ever brilliant 10,000,000 by EightyEightGames need to know little more than this is a sequel to that dearly adored title. It’s hybrid of RPG-style progression and puzzle-based tile matching had enough depth to keep masses of us coming back for more, yet a single play could easily be crammed into the time before the next bus inevitably turned up late. Plus, it didn’t require a constant internet connection to keep everything moving. For huge swathes of people, it was the ultimate mobile game. #YMBAB is almost identical to 10,000,000. Except rather than escaping some murky, old prison, you now need to, well, build a boat. To build this titular boat, you need to obliterate the various beasties you come across during each swiftly completed tile matching run. Then with the gold, stone, and other currencies you gain during these short bursts of excitement, you get stronger, faster, and able to push just that little bit further next time. You essentially do the same thing each time