First Look: Rugby League Live 3 – ‘Star Player’ Career Mode | Power Up Gaming
Super League and NRL fans will be able to step into the boots of their favourite superstar and help guide them on the path to success (or failure) in upcoming sports sim, Rugby League Live 3. One of the most-requested features for the series, the Star Player career mode takes inspiration from the likes of FIFA's Be a Pro, allowing users to complete matches through the fixed-camera perspective of their selected player. Similar to the game's Rookie Player and Coach career modes, players embark on a full season of rugby league action, and while winning as a team is certainly important, you must also gain XP by completing various general and per-match objectives. These points in turn allow you to upgrade your superstar's abilities. Perform well and you'll reap your rewards through increased wages and attributes; play poorly, however, and you might find yourself transfer listed. This week, the Power Up Gaming team spent several hours getting to grips with the Big Ant Studios-developed title