Hands-on Impressions: Charge Shot | Power Up Gaming
Silly, reckless, hectic, trash-talking fun for all. That's the best way to describe the fresh indie title Charge Shot that Power Up Gaming got recent hands-on time with. Reminiscent of titles such as Samurai Gunn and Towerfall, Charge Shot prides itself on fast combat among friends huddled together on a basement couch. Four players spawn into arenas ranging from boiling lava to deadly spikes and the player who collects a set number of coins first wins the round. Coins are generated by shooting and defeating enemies and the controls boil down to jump, shoot, walk and shield. It's simple enough, but like similar titles, Charge Shot grows addictive through quick rounds, tight controls and complex tricks possible through physics-based precision. Misery loves company- and deadly icicles. For example, players can use jetpacks to traverse the environments, but they allow so much more than the strategic advantage of higher ground. The boosters can also be used to curve shots with a stream