Game of Thrones: Episode 5 – A Nest of Vipers Review | Power Up Gaming
The Forresters' insubordinate behaviour from Sons of Winter has not gone unnoticed. A Nest of Vipers connects both episodes with bouts of action and suspense that brings together usually separate family members for the very first time. Rodrik's war with the Whitehills reaches its peak, as Asher finally arrives in Westeros with an army from across the Narrow Sea. These chapters abound once again in great moments of characterisation and joviality, and flow from scene to scene with a noticeable emphasis on confrontation and excitement. Gared's chapters have a similar focus on action, but his romp towards the North Grove ends with a startling abruptness. The same can be said for Mira's time in King's Landing, as her section finishes with practically zero story progression, and with very little evidence as to where her character will be heading next. At the beginning of Mira's section, we instantly see the repercussions of her outburst from episode four. She is shunned by her friend Sera,