Batman: Arkham Knight Review | Power Up Gaming
When the original Arkham Asylum broke into the scene in 2009, it was met with understandable skepticism and cynicism. At the time, licensed games still couldn’t shake off the stench brought by movie tie-ins and arm-twisted creative freedom. Six years later, the Batman Arkham series has almost single-handedly reversed this stigma, delivering some of the best comic book experiences in the medium. With Batman: Arkham Knight being developer Rocksteady’s swansong to the franchise, we were no longer wondering if their conclusion would be good, but if it would be Rocksteady’s best. With the Joker dead (cremated as we’ve seen in Sony’s E3 demo), and Hugo Strange killed, Scarecrow has taken the opportunity to become Gotham’s biggest threat. He's concocted his infamous city-wide fear toxin, which induces instant homicidal psychosis, and now Gotham is in disarray. But he doesn’t accomplish such without the titular Arkham Knight. The new villain isn’t only identified by his militaristic strength –