Top 10 Gaming Girls Who Could Tussle with Ronda Rousey | Power Up Gaming
After her 34-second August 1 victory over Bethe Correia, talks of Ronda Rousey being the world's toughest woman have taken the internet hostage: "She can't be beat." "She's invincible." "She's a Super Saiyan!" And from the looks of things, tales of her badassery will continue to echo from all corners of the web, as fighters of her caliber are essentially non-existent. After all, only 25 percent of her UFC fights have lasted more than one minute, with only one of those outlasting the first round. So, while the rest of the world patiently waits for a real-life contender to emerge from the shadows and rival her prowess in the octagon, Power Up Gaming would like to throw a few fantasy fighters her way to see how they might fare. Will Ronda be known as the toughest lady in gaming as well? Here's a top 10 list of the virtual female fighters who might (but probably wouldn't) stand a chance against the world's toughest woman. Fight Parameters: These matches will be standard UFC championship