Gamescom 2015: Fallout 4 is a Bigger, Better Fallout 3 | Power Up Gaming
Fallout 4's behind closed doors demo at Gamescom this week hit me, not unexpectedly, with the bug for more. It looked like a prettier Fallout 3 with a greater focus on environmental details, more popping colours and a retooled skill system, but essentially, the presentation shown displayed a series of gameplay vignettes that were typical of the post-apocalyptic series. And that was perfectly fine. The first noticeable thing about the demo was the range of colour on show. The sky was a bright swathe of blue, and the lighting effects on the fallen rubble of the past world were impeccably vivid. Scarlet reds and pastel colours stood out amongst the drab ruins, and visible signs of texture could be found on metal surfaces. The mint green Protectron robots felt as though they were painted in matte, with spots of flaking rust contrasting with the softer appearance of their outer shell. While Fallout 3 failed to have this level of detail in its drab environments, the chaotic appearance of