Exploring Urban Legends: A Jeff the Killer Game | Power Up Gaming
We all have a tiny bit of familiarity with creepypastas, right? Those errant rumors and legends that float around the void of the internet, spawning such things as Slenderman, the Midnight Man and more “they were dead the whole time” theories than can be counted. Most of the time, these legends and tales range from actually creepy to downright silly, yet some do provoke some thought as well. So, let’s discuss Jeff the Killer. If you aren’t familiar with this pasty-faced Joker rip-off, Jeff the Killer was a creepypasta that spawned from a creepy image of a white, almost featureless man with red lips, wide eyes without eyelids and black locks. This picture got quite a few theories churning and a good bit of people calling Photoshop as well. Either which way, Jeff is a more well-known creepypasta, and his popularity has been the subject of a few indie game adaptations. Urban Legends, recently released on Steam and developed by several independent Steam goers, features old Jeff in an