Gears Of Poor: The Past, Present and Future Of The Franchise | Power Up Gaming
Gears of War, with the exception of Halo, is the most synonymous gaming franchise with Xbox. Almost a decade ago, it proved to be the perfect partner for the budding Xbox 360. Epic Games produced a brutal world torn apart by conflict, starring grizzly characters, badass weapons and outlandish enemies. By today's standards, it isn't the most visually stunning game. However, back in 2006 it received mass acclaim and, over the next five years, yielded two equally successful games - both of which produced the wave-based bread-and-butter multiplayer modes of today. Considering the success of the trilogy, it's best if we completely forget about GoW: Judgement. Earlier this year, some screenshots appeared of a Locust soldier roaming around a high-definition Sera. The Gears of War community, me included, were abuzz with two words: "Gears. Remake". A new console, new game, with the potential of a trilogy overhaul, was an outcome of epic proportions. The only event that could put this to bed was