E3 2015: Microsoft Press Conference Roundup | Power Up Gaming
As expected, Microsoft put on a strong, games focused show stitched together with “World Premieres” and “Xbox Exclusives”. The elevated applause given to Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, was in response to his efforts in turning the Xbox One into a robust video game platform instead jack-of-all master-of-none living room media center. But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft is just content with delivering straight games. Xbox’s press conference showed that Microsoft is looking constantly adapt its own ecosystem and offer more ways in which you play games, all in a constant effort to give players the most robust gaming platform available to market. “Xbox One Exclusive” In place of an obligatory Call of Duty campaign demo (which surprisingly had their best E3 showing at Sony’s historical press conference), 343 finally blew the lid off of Halo 5 Guardians’ campaign. 343 did a fantastic job squeezing every ounce of power from the Xbox 360 in Halo 4, and the visual fidelity in Guardians is just