Pool Nation FX Review | Power Up Gaming
Pool is a tough sport to sell. Watching a bunch of friends awkwardly co-ordinating the cue with their aiming skills at a real table is hard enough. But to translate this experience into a video game seems quite a stretch. Pool Nation FX was a first in the sport for me. Despite long loading times, playing Pool Nation is worth the wait. The main menu offers numerous avenues of play, including a career mode, online multiplayer (with a friend or through matchmaking), time-based challenge modes, and a trick-shot editor. This extensive list of options gives Pool Nation an immediate edge; for a seemingly simple sport and recreational activity, Cherry Pop Games have managed to pack a lot in here. There are stacks of sliders which affect the rules of the sport's various game modes, such as 8-ball, 9-ball, and snooker. Jumping into a game is easy and the loading is comprised of a walk through your chosen venue's front door and entrance to the playing area. Learning the control scheme is a